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Norton Records vinyl release party at Franklin Castle. 10/2018

Token Lounge 2017

Metro Times 10/20/2017

Scary Monsters Magazine

Fundraising Benefit For Shay Kelleher

Token Lounge Oct 22, 2016

The Ghoul 45th Anniversary
at A Separate Reality Records



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The Ghoul gets a mention in an interview with Rob Zombie.
Check out the interview by Steven Hyden.


See The Ghoul mentioned in the "Monster Mash, The
Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America 1957-1972", by Mark
Voger, page 21.


50 Years Later, TV's Ghoulardi Lives — In Punk Rock
brought to you by NPR


The BOOGER'S @ The Agora



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The most comprehensive book, By Michael Monahan, about SF Bay Area Horror TV 1957-2011
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s 84 -93 Pages 92 and 93 have complete KBHK Listing!




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-See The Ghoul on "Rock 900" with Doug Podell.
Channel 900 on Comcast in Detroit. The
show will air on Tuesday, 10/27 and Halloween!

-Listen to Doug Podell broadcast 2-7pm on WCSX
94.7 FM Detroit.

First Block, WDIV TV, Detroit. 8:30 October 30th

Posted by The Ghoul on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Ghoul can be seen in Mitch O'Connell's
new book, "Mitch O'Connell, The World's Best
Artist". See page 140.

"Ghoulardi" by
Feran and Heldenfels
Gordon Castelnero's book, "TV Land Detroit"

"The Dark Menace of the Universe" by Tom Filsinger

"Soupy to Nuts" by Tim Kiska

The Ghoul is one of many "great stories from the north coast"
featured in a recently released book entitled, "cleveland classics"

Brownies 2013

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