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The Ghoul...

"I like punk rock puke,  it has a nice ring to it."


10 Star General Christo showing off his shirt


Grew up a big fan of The Ghoul and spread the fandom with my kids like so much Cheeze-Whiz.
One of ‘em, my younger teen daughter, created this awesome pumpkin—thought it should be in your archives!
too shy for a “real” credit— she’s good with Froggy Fan Girl
Will always miss The Ghoul!
scratchin’ glass an’ turnin’ blue


Here ya go Daisy! Thanks to Froggy Fan Girl (from NYC) for the picture! - Ghoul Crew


Marty's recently purchased ride ‘66 Dodge Charger The “66Ghoul"


-Jan R

An original from the early 70's!!
I still have it..
Made it's way from Boston Ma. early 1970's to Stallion Springs California 2019
Channel 56 Creature Double Feature…

John R

PS- love to Froggy..



Portrait by Ten Star General Josh Ryals


I'm a teamster who works the autoshow at Cobo Hall. Well one day I was cut early. On the way out I stopped at the restroom for a rest. There was a homeless man in there washing up. While I was "resting" he looked at my lunch cooler where I proudly display my Ghoul sticker and goes off with: "The Ghoul! Man I loved the Ghoul. Froggy, Amrap, ow oww OWW. " He then goes " Man I did LSD with the Ghoul back in 76!" With that I gave him my uneaten lunch and gave him a high five. (Yes I washed my hands first lol) Ghoul fans are everywhere in every form!

Stay Sick!



Autographed by The Ghoul himself at the Ghoulardifest October 1997! I kept this thing, because…I can't explain it. I brings back great memories.  Tony C.



Hi. I grew up in the Detroit area, anyway... I have a 6 week old Ghoul. I took in a stray cat cause kids were to rough on it and she was pregnant. I planned on a no kill shelter, but I was shocked when I met Mr Ghoul. I'm keeping Ghoul for memories and the fact that my Dad was a Detroit cop. I watched 50 & 20 all the time. thanks Tracy H.




hey ghoul..hi ya.hi ya, i wrote a song for ya!
 if you like it,to use for whatever,your web page! why? because i grew up watching the ghoul in the 70s and beyond,being from detroit,your adopted town...your still coming here to entertain! if you like it,and use it,my band screw would dig honorable mention,unless you make millions off it,then send a little my way!we have known doug podell a long time,and play the token often..let us know what you think!
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD The band Screw's original
Ghoul instrumental.



A picture of The Ghoul from one of his youngest fans. Continuing to mangle medullas










This appeared late in 2009 and is an actual bank robbery photo from Novi MI (security camera) and people at the time commented that it looked like The Ghoul! Pretty funny. Post it if you'd like. Have long enjoyed your show, off and on (you know how that is) ever since first seeing you on WKBD in Michigan, circa 1972. Watched you on channel 50 here, as well as WXON and WGPR in MI, too, and have seen you live (and met you) on a number of occasions since the mid 1970s. Even went to OH for one of the Ghoulardifests, and that was a superb experience that I certainly will remember for a long time. Even got to hear you on the radio there during that visit...the playlist was incredible, something like The Chiffons followed by Black Sabbath. You're like Springtime, always welcome. Hope you are well, and perhaps may be at the Novi Comic Con in 2010, again? (Just don't go to that bank there in the photo!). I know of no one else who has such care and patience and contact with fans as you, and that's an honest and complete compliment. At the comic con, there are actors who were on shows that were terrible 30 years ago, charging $50 for an autograph (which will never appreciate in value beyond that overinflated price for an ink scrawl), but instead I prefer to stop by and say hi and buy some of your items, and have purchased your merchandise since the '70s. And it's always fun and quite affordable, too. Being so generous with your time is always notable at those conventions, and it strengthens the reasons why we've followed your broadcast activity for so long. Basically everyone I know of my generation, in this area, knows of you and/or watched the show frequently, and I knew people who sent in things that you blew up, etc. {The Peculiar Pets in-store ('76??) was amazing, in-store pyrotechnics and animals freaking out in their cages (Waterford MI)...the line to get in to see you that night was incredibly long and it was well worth the wait}. Thanks again for all of it! Jim Thompson


Ghoul, I have no idea if you'll remember this or not, but back in the fall of 1976, WUHQ TV41 out of Battle Creek, Michigan carried you for a whole three weeks. I had an epiphany by the first commercial break and was hooked. I shot you off a letter pronto proclaiming my glee. Unfortunately, the turds at the station pulled you for unkown reasons. I was thrilled when you personally called me at the folks house to elicit some support. (I was about 14 at the time.) You also sent and awesome T and "Turn Blue" poster. I set to work and amassed a ton of signatures on a petition for your return, but the station wouldn't be swayed. They threatened "sir graves ghastley" as an option. Dejected, I wore the shirt into oblivion and some old squeeze made off with my beloved autographed poster. Over the years, my Ghoul Power finally waned all together.

For some reason unknown to me, perhaps a flux in the time space continuim, on the way to work a couple of weeks ago, I happened to wonder, "what about the Ghoul"? Lo and behold, thanks to the WWW, I found my mainline back to turning blue and promptly ordered some Ghoul stuff! Gotta love that Paypal. Add that to and I'll sign right up. Glad to hear you are still kickin', and I hope it's many full moons before you turn blue for real.

A real fan,

Dave Cook


I found this in my stuff.

Bill Youngman


I want to see more DVDs. More along the lines of the Psychotic 70s DVD, where it was put together in a style like actually watching a Ghoul show from the 1970s (very good btw, but the film had Simpsons soundbites in it, indicating that the film part was probably from the Channel 55 show from the late 1990s). More DVDs devoted to skits would also be nice (like the excellent Golden Garbage Plus DVD; I enjoyed the parodies of the NBC Mystery Movie and would have loved to see more Night Ghoulery and Ghoulumbo). Or maybe you could market some sort of Ghoul Documentary/Mockumentary showing old and new viewers how the Ghoul came about, interspliced with bits and interviews. Take it through the years and emphasize how the Ghoul was unable to be killed by angry viewers, cancellation, or exile (when you left the Cleveland airwaves in 1984; you still had Cleveland radio and Detroit provided you with a perfect home to continue the television career). Maybe include some footage of Ernie Anderson as Ghoulardi (stuff you showed on WCLQ back in the day with the use of the vault of golden garbage).

I own the Ghoul/Ghoulardi CDs too; I bought the last copy of the first CD from Record Den in Mentor and haven't seen any since. If you made more CDs I'd buy them, but that's only one guaranteed sale. You'd need a lot more people than me to make that financially successful.

That's about it. I can't understand why the stations in Cleveland have so much time to devote to infomercials instead of finding 2 hours (or more) to place a Ghoul Show. Channel 43 is all but a infomercial station at this point; surely they'd be in need of trying to get viewers instead of being Channel 19's bitch (and I am aware that they're owned by the same company). You're missed on the television here, and basically, it's those throwbacks to a better time (such as the DVDs you put out as well as old shows on DVD) that has me not watching television now. American Idol? The Biggest Loser? Crap. The Ghoul Show? Priceless.

Take care.

Jeff Murphy

Dear Ghoul,

Like many, I suppose, I have a list of things that I saw, heard, or participated in when I was a lad that I'm not entirely sure actually happened. Things that keep me up at night. Disturbing things. Things that I've been unable to verify, such as a particularly sinister looking clown's head atop a playground slide that I viewed late at night while spending the night at my aunt and uncle's house in Parma, looking out of my cousin's bedroom window into a field. A field which, I later was told, never contained any sort of playground at all. As well as other things that I have been fortunate enough to verify with the help of Youtube, such as the Alpha Bits cereal commercial from 1983 that I thought no one remembered (Yipes! A big pig!) except me, and the hypnotic and trippy minimalist stylings of Philip Glass over color changing geometrics in a few Sesame Street episodes.

My reason for writing you, Ghoul, is that I believe that your show contained not one, but two of these truly surreal experiences for me, and I am hoping you can confirm or deny whether these experiences were real, or imagined. The first, and less important, is an animated short, consisting of a man who I seem to recall had somewhat long and curly hair, chasing butterflies. He was collecting butterflies in a net, and then pinning them to a board, the way entomologists typically do. Peaceful music plays in the background. At the end of the clip, a huge butterfly comes along, and snatches him up, and impales him on some sort of spike. His head and body droops, and he hangs there lifeless. I don't know why, but this deeply affected me as a child. I don't know how old I was when I saw it or when it aired, but I was born in 1976. I am not complaining either. I think it's a good thing for children to see things that are disturbing to them at an early age, as it provokes independent thought. That clip has haunted me for years. I'd like to know if it actually existed on your show, or only in my mind.

The second thing is even more important to me, because I know that no part of my imagination could have made this one up, but I have yet to find a single Clevelander or otherwise who doesn't look at me dumbfounded when I try to describe it. Again, it's an animated short, this time a song. A very short, squat, beige or brown skinned man is playing a guitar. He sings:

The Ghoul is a fool
But Uncle Vic is cool

The Ghoul is a fool
But Uncle Vic is slick

The Ghoul ain't as big
As Uncle Vic's big fat d**k

This repeats a few times as I recall, with some giant animated version of you finally stomping on the small singing guy, shutting him up.

I wasn't eating hallucinogens when I was this age, and I'm pretty sure my parents hadn't slipped me any just to be funny, so what the hell?

If you can confirm or deny the existence of either of these surreal things, I would appreciate it. If there's any way I could actually view these again, it would fill in some of the few remaining blanks in my childhood, and I would be forever grateful. Let me know whatever I might need to do to gain access to these gems.

Thank you for your time, and for the memories!



Hey gang,

Why can’t you make a late night appearance (at Halloween time) with your television show on one of the local Cleveland channels? Now that Chuck and John are gone I think it would be a nice “memory lane” type thing for the adults and a funny experience for the children. C’mon and plunk your magic twanger. Once a year won’t hurt anything.



Hey your rayol ghoulness this is mr.russell hughes of san francisco,california well my king-n-ledder i wrote a book more then two years ago intitled my walk thought classic monster u.s.a i drew a picther of you -n-froggy you are draving your ghoul power van -n-foggy is in the passger's seat on the front cover -n- also i did talk about your show i hope your okay with that it will be out in book stores on october halloween 2009 -n- i your welcomed to put it on your web site for sale so e-mail me back -n-let me kown if your instered sign mr.russell hughes san francisco,california.



From: Russell Dunn
Hey Ron,
When the news of the Swine Flu broke, I kept thinking of a skit you did back in the 70's showing President ford getting vaccinated, falling over dead and the doctor being Jimmy Carter(try doing something like that on tv these days, LOL). So I put together a photo commemorating the 21st Century outbreak of Swine Flu. Don't worry! Its has nothing to do with Obama at all. It does have you and Miss Piggy
Russ Dunn

"Kenny Scheck"
Hey Ghoul!

I used to watch your show late late late at night on WBNX. My mind was blown when I was in high school by your insane humor. As I write this I have a small poster of you above my computer. It inspires hope. Or something! Anyhow i thought I'd write and see if you'd post it on your website.


Dear Ghoul aka "King of Parma",

A "Hiya, Hiya, Hiya" and add in a "Hey Ove-Day" to you! Big Midland Michigan fan back in the day with all my four Bros. and countless Buds growing up and never missing you via Channel 50 beemed outta Detroit to Mid Michigan!! Every time me and my Bros hear "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen now we start laughing and spittin' out Ghoul isms! Still got my Ghoul Sweatshirt from ordering way back in the day from somewhere in the early 70's, although it's kinda tough fitting into that child size now, so it's looking pretty good since I can't get it over my head, which must have gotten bigger! Glad to find this site!! Now I can order another better fitting one, or better yet let someone get me one for my birthday!! Man, I gotta tell you, when they kidnapped Froggy, well we were all really concerned, as that really bummed us all out, because with Froggy kidnapped then you weren't blowing him up on TV!! And as an aside we always wondered how come you never invited and had those folks on from the daytime soap "Dark Shadows" or maybe some Big Time wresters on as guests?? Barnabas Collins vs The Ghoul?? We're all taking the Ghoul definitely!! But The Ghoul vs Bobo Brazil, Flying Fred Curry or even Haystacks Calhoun?? Sorry Ghoul!! Although the Ghoul and Froggy in a tag team match vs Hell's Angels No 1 & No. 2 was hotly debated, because it's just hard to pin a frog, and real hard to pin a frog that blows up! And say in the here and now what do you think of the rip off versions like "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" and other crappy rip offs supposedly "created" by others?? Do the Ghoul have a good lawyer??!! Ask inhouse first! One of The Ghoul's crew has just gotta be moonlighting!! My guess is Jeff "The Sickie" Hall is just the sick part time attorney you need!



Dear Ghoul, here's a Horror Host from California who has been working
in China...

As I've mentioned a few times (in passing) on the FOHH forum, I was
surprised to find a tattoo shop in my hood with a photo of some inking
they did, featuring Ron "The Ghoul" Swede!

The shop lurks about a 20 minute walk east of the Big Goose Pagoda
(Dayanta - an 8,000 year old Buddhist pagoda that is one of 6 main
attractions in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China), literally ten steps
from the corner of Chang'An Center Street (Chang'An ZhongLu, in
Mandarin), on the block hosting the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot
restaurant and Book City book store.

I first spotted the shop when I moved here in the summer of 2008, but
only yesterday did I manage to remember to snap some camera phone
images of the sign and shop:


It's not my regular shop (which is located inside of the old city, near
Nanmen ("South Gate"), so I didn't chat up the boss to find out more
about it.

So, there's a horror host fan that once - or recently - lived in this
city, besides yours truly. The few times I've wandered around the city
in my Ghoulardi shirt, the only comments I received were from students,
who assumed it was a picture of me!( Now you know why El Vato wears a

I haven't met any other HH fans in China... Yet. Clearly we exist.

El Vato

My king, my leader.....
My brother got me to watch you in Detroit back in the 70s, long before MST3K (MST3K was good,
but you were first)
Ever since those days, any time I see a frog, toad, lizard, lawyer or other reptile, I ALWAYS say, "Hiya,
gang, hiya, hiya, hiya". I get some strange looks, but I never let an opportunity go by......
I wish I could get you out here in El Paso, but I have to be satisfied looking in at your website....
Harm G. B.
Stay sick, turn blue, scratch glass


I received my copy of Two Thumbs Down today. I give it Two Thumbs Up! It contains stuff from what I remember during the Kaiser years. I won't let on as to what's on it (You guys still have to sell it) but if you’re a die hard Ghoul fan and you're reading this, you may want to scarf up some cash and buy a copy. I do have to admit, the after watching it I was left thinking "Just how in the heck did those guys get away airing that stuff". Just goes to show how times have changed. Anyway, good luck with the DVD and STAY SICK!!

Cary Baker

Hey Ghoul, it is wonderful to see that your nappy assphalt is still kickin' and performing to boot! If I can get hooked up with broadband I would subscribe to your show. I would have to keep it from my wife as she thinks you are stupid . She doesn't understand that you were more than entertainment to me, your show helped me to realize that boundaries and limits need to be pushed. We need to think freely and accept the consequences when we step over the boundaries. I had a hell of a lot of fun watching you just being a spazz, and nobody does it better. Well homeboy got to close for now and come back in a few days.......Skratch Glazz.............Overday Forever!!!!!!!!!! ......................Michael J Lilly

Hey ova-dey! My husband is your biggest fan. Here is a picture of him this past Halloween! We grew up in Wisconsin and now live in Alaska. We proudly display your sticker in our truck window for everyone to enjoy! Our four and nine year old wait all week long to watch the Ghoul on DVD on Friday nights! Party on.

Ghoul Power Forever,



Im 45 years old and been talking about you for 20 years.I still just can not believe Im your web site.We and the there were about eight of us would have sleep over and watch the Ghoul,Man your were the kicker,Man Im telling you were BIG part of my child hood growing up.What a shame I live in Rockymount Nc.It is so bad here their so many gangs and gang shootings in the naborhood you have to watch your back all the time.My wife and I are rising four boys,I could go on for ever.It just blows my mind that you are around. THANK FOR BEING IN MY PAST. Bill Elfrink

Hey Ghoul you degenerate, I'm still laughing at the sick crap you did back when I was a kid 35 years ago. I wish I had tapes or dvds of that stuff man. Those horrible flicks from the golden vault of Golden Garbage were the highlight of the week. One night my brother went sleepwalking while we were watching Reptilicus so we still call him Repti. Man I saw you pull some of those boners that got you kicked off the air in Detroit, flushing the snake down the toilet, smoking pot on the air, crazy stuff but it kept me laughing. Hell somewhere I've still got my froggy teeshirt oberday, parma and all that muck. I'm glad you're still around and doing your thing even if it ain't on here.

At 11:36 PM 1/29/2008, you wrote:
I can't believe it. I was looking up pictures of myself on Google and lo and behold somehow an autographed picture of the ghoul popped up.
When did you resurface?
I heard he had moved back to Detroit when they canceled the show or he decided to blow it off or something. Is Spencer and Mongolia still married? I'm going to have to get me a Ghoul T-shirt out here in LA. I had turn blue sauce back in the day. It's like seeing an old friend you hadn't seen in years.

Hey Ghoul,

I remember the summer of 1971...driving to Cleveland from Hamilton Ontario with my family and staying at my uncle Eddys house on Belle Ave in Lakewood. We stayed up late with my cousins and we watched your show...I was hooked. I remember froggy and you making fun of Parma with the polish music playing in the back ground. I oredered a Ghoul t -shirt/ channel 61 and waited two or three weeks for it to show up in Canada. When it finally arrived I wore it to school and everyone was asking me... who the hell is the Ghoul? I went back to Ohio for years and couldn't wait to watch again. I typed in the ghoul on you tube and it brought me to this site. Are you on TV in Detroit? When did you go off the air in Cleveland? I have to get a t- shirt for sure and will order soon. Thanks for the memories.

Joey Ricottone
Hamilton, Ontario Canada



From: Jan Lorenzen

Subject: wowee kazowee the ghoul has returned from who the $@#% knows where

Hey Ghoul -

What a charge finding out you have returned to tickle torment the world. My family lived in Avon Lake from 1969 through 1973 when my dad worked the Great Lakes Ships from high above Public Square in Terminal Tower (he was present when Steinbrenner fired his own father!). My younger brother and I discovered your show on Channel 61 one late Saturday night in 1971 and that was it! My mom HATED it. My dad would let us watch the show ONLY if we kept the volume down and didn't disturb my parents upstairs. The show was a blast! I think we learned all the wrong things. Blowing stuff up. Interrupting movies in school with Ghoulisms. PoppaOOMowmow. An appreciation for golden garbage grade Z horror movies. We even raced home from school to catch the Three Stooges and the Ghoul weekday afternoon shows. We acquired a taste of mocking that tow nof midwest rust belt despair PARMA - although Lorain would have worked as well.

When we moved back to New Jersey the summer of 73 we thought we'd never see The Ghoul again (and so did my mom!), but WAYYHEYY, I was playing around with the VHF dial a few months later and what did I see in the snow of the edge of television broadcast range? The Ghoul, perilously gripping the stage lighting with no safe way down on Channel 48 from Philly on another of the Kaiser Broadcasting's chain of low brow stations. I had to make an aluminum foil antennae and destroyed a couple wire hangars to get reasonable reception. I even got to catch a show in Boston on a family trip. I was a happy 14 year old!

Then. HE was gone. (vision of the Tantalus ray beam guy in ye olde Star Trek episode). AAAAUUUUGGHHHH. No explanation. I did get an autographed pic in the mail after I sent a "what did you do with my Ghoul" letter written only the passion of a 14 year old lunatic stuck in the Pine Barrens of NJ could write.

What a surprise to find out you are still around and spreading the cheezwhiz. I used to tape record your shows, and listen to them for years after. I could send you a copy if you want, you'd have to edit out the pre-voice change giggling to use it, but the offer is there.

Now I am in Brooklyn, Noo Yawk Citay for 28 years since going to art school. We need some sick humor around here. Its getting filled up with yuppies and their cute little fey bred dogs. And their bluetooth phones. Time for some random acts of bad craziness to return. My wife is from Akron, so she understands. Sort of.



Dear Ghoul king leader ect.
Over the years you've blown things up with standard pyrotechnic devices, Now heres a thought?? Ever use an airbag from an automobile, true it doesn't have the fire and brightness,but however with some creativeness and good timing i think that could be acheived,where i used to work we'd get em out of car going to scrap for Ford motor and attach a long lead ( 75 extension cord with pigtails a 12 volt battery and stuff 1 in a 55 gallon drum used for garbage and stuff it with paper and what not and put in the back 40 of the shop it would shoot the contents 40 feet into the air........with that Idea in hand ........turkeys, pumpkins watermellons, jello, ect bags of ice packed in a cheap styrofoam cooler duct taped tight.........could make a helluva climax to any of your segments..........just a thought, now to find 1 of your ghoul power generals to donate 1 or a few to ya for the climatic end to your nemisis froggy or a effigee of denise dufala.......believe me if done on TV every fan for months will be talking about it for months........
P.S.......when my friends and i did it i was thinking of you and your 1/4 sticks and its

sincerly 1 of your Detroit fans from way back
mark oliver


From: kim
It was so cool to see your web site.I was wanting to know....A friend and I were wondering what was the mouth you did on your show and how do we go about seeing it again?I am 41 and use to watch your show and I loved it.I would love to see some old stuff.How do I go about that?Do you have tapes we can order?

Can you tell me where to get a funky hat like the one you wear? I have a desire to be a ghoul myself for holloween next year! need the garb! Help me find a froggie too!


WOW! I can't believe there's anything at all about The Ghoul on the web - I
was afraid you were long gone! I used to watch your show when I was a
teenager living outside Detroit. (I'm 43 now.) My mom HATED your show, but
I loved it. Every time I hear "Magical Mystery Tour" on the radio, I think
of your show. Too funny!!! I rolled on the floor at some of the stuff you
dubbed into those STUPID movies. Thanks for providing much laughter.


Hey Ghoul:
We are still cleaning up the pumpkin guts from the roof of the tent and the floor. Heck I think the guys in the front row there are still trying to clean it off their glasses.

Thanks again for the GREAT time. And hopefully we can do it again next year.

Jefferson Yacht Club
wow hey Ghoul,
never thought id see you!!
was talkin to a buddie of mine at work here in tennessee and we discuased old time back in detroit an thought about you man !!!!
how cool it is too see you out and about.
we remember you on channel 50 in detroit yo made the movies woth watching LOL
luv it when you blew up froggy with thee fire crackers LOL
wish i still had the Ghoul hankerschiff you used top sell..would be worth a fortune ..
anyhow hollor back at me and let me now if i can see ya on sattlite tv or something maby you can do a live internet broadcast somtime..that would be awesome.
alright bro take care . cya
Lorin Gerber


Subject: cheese whiz

my deareast ghoul, here is my recipe for cheese whiz sandwiches. two pieces of wonder bread, coated on both sides with a lot of butter , a lot of cheese whiz in the middle. brown each side. enjoy.

dear ghoul,
ive always wondered...what does the phrase over-day mean and where did it come from? i used to watch you on saturday nights as a kid and i think u r da best! thanks to youtube, i can watch a few of the old bits you did. gotta love santa-ghoul! doing any appearances in the metro detroit area in the future? my dad and me would love to come see you. thanks! -jim williford

Dear Ghoul,

My friend (Tony Montuoro) was and still is a fanatic Ghoul fan. He was such a big fan that he sent in a contraption that he built in response to help search for Froggy when Froggy was kidnapped or something. During one of your legendary shows you ran around stage with that contraption. You called them something to the effect "Private Eyes"? It was a board with another board nailed perpendicular on top. He attached a pair of large pair of baby doll eyes with strings attached on the back that you could pull to make the eyes move. You ran around stage with it during one of those "search for Froggy" shows. He recorded the show on audio tape when it was live back in the 70s. He doesn't have that tape anymore. His EVIL ex-wife destroyed it. I would love to surprise him with a video copy of that show with you running around with those "Spies Eyes". I would gladly pay for the shipping handling and cost of the tape. PLEASE let me know if you can do this for one of your BIGGEST FANS! Tony Montuoro is one of the best people I know. He would FLIP if he had a copy of this show!

Please whatever you can do, would be HUGELY appreciated.

From: Brian Clay
Subject: Ghoul is King

i remember watching your show when I was 10 or 11 or
12. I can't even remember what year is was, but kids
would send in their holiday presents. One of them was
a 'light bright' thing with Ghoul Is King in neon
letters. That was such fun.
I'm 43 now. I will never forget those shows. Those of
us who stayed up late and talked about the goings on
of you and Froggy became a kind of cult at school.
Your show was produced right down Telegraph Rd from my
house in Redford..I think it was at Mopads (the van
chasing you with the cemetery in the backround with
'Magical Mystery Tour'). It's like it happened

I live in Denver now and I was explaining your show to
a friend and decided to Google it. You must get alot
of fan mail. I still laugh when I think about some of
those shows(e.g the exploding models and the Froggy

Thank you so much. I still wish I could get those
episodes on DVD. Forget that---I still wish you were
on the air.

Brian Clay

From: "Carol T.
Subject: St. Pat's

Thanx so much for being in the Cleveland parade. Was great to see you there. Turn blue!

From: "Carol T.
Subject: Parade

Hey...Zingy..Zingy.....It was so great to see you in the parade...Thanx so much for being in it. Miss you here in Cleveburg!

Subject: Overday!!!!

Dear Ghoul,

My husband is a big fan. He's a trucker with his own rig. His handle is "Overday" because of you. His business name is also called "OverDay Express". His name is Gilbert Day from Clawson, Mi. We heard you were from Clawson also.

Please tell us why you would always say "Overday" on your show and what does it mean to you!




dear ron,
far out man! used to stay up late and watch you during breaks of really cheesy movies on wsbk-tv, boston, in the late 70's. soon my friends were all on board and we would meet the next day and laugh like hell. good stuff, man!

one dude named mark was really into your stuff. he used to record your bits on a weak-ass cassette recorder, and we would listen while the batteries died out, and laugh like hell.

mark's in federal prison for robbing banks now. I couldn't make that shit up, man! it's true!

anyway, just stumbled across the website. really glad you're still out there.
thanks for the laughs.

hey KING, watched curse of the faceless man lastnight. the giant gila monster the night before,the black sleep the night before that,all taped from previous years. so alot of us here in the sandusky area,milan and norwalk areas are going through some SERIOUS ghoul withdrawls,its not pretty. it is 2007 and we still call prestige media(called lastnight and night before) and will not give up, Your in demand.damn it,we demand our show back on the weekends. HELP! who else can we call? stay sick(in clev.not mich.) thanks fearless leader!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ghoul! I used to watch your show when I was in high school. This was back in the 1970s. I think that you were on channel 61 (WKBF?) back then. I remember you once showed a rare classic entitled, "The Face Behind The Mask" with Peter Lorre. You tore that one up in grand Ghoul fashion!
Another fave of mine was "The Curse Of The Demon" (with Dana Andrews).
Again, you popped in with all kinds of neat sound bites during that flick!
In "The Curse Of The Demon," I recall a fireball chasing Dana Andrews through an English forest at night and you came into the scene with the tune, "Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Man, how can I remember that stuff? It was great fun! When I leave the North Coast for keeps, I'll always remember your show! Thanks for the memories! All the best to ya!
It's good to be the KING! Sincerely, Walt, Russ, and the crew from Warren, Ohio.

Subject: i figured u dead

glad to hear your still kicking still remember those high as kite nites as ateen here in port huron watchin you man a lot of memories come backthanks for helpin me remember the carefree days of the
70s the gurns port huron mich

From: Kevin D
Subject: Thomas Video Autograph signing
Cc: Jennifer C

Your Magnificence,
I finally got to meet you at the autograph session at Thomas Video in Clawson on August 12. I have always seemed to be out of town or found out about Ghoul appearances a day late for like the past 10 years. When I found out you would be at Thomas Video I marked my calendar and there I was! I was very nervous because in the past I have met some of my celebrity faves and they have been utter jerks: you were the greatest. You were funny as usual, very nice and spent time with all your fans. You may even remember my finacee was so excited to meet you she even gave you a surprise smooch while getting a picture with you (I will inlcude the photo). One of the greatest moments in my life was to find my lovely finacee, upon first meeting her, was also a Ghoul fanatic. We were so happy to meet you, you were super cool and you are such a favorite of ours we have even sent you an invite to our wedding on October 7th at 4:30 in Royal Oak, Michigan. You would be t! he guest of honor, free food, beer and polka music galore (if you cant make it you can send your buddy Ron Sweed in your place) Anyhoo, one last thing here--I must point out the pains I went to to watch your show each week. My mother realized that I was a rather intelligent young lad when, at age 5, I figured out how to set the alarm clock for 11:30 on Saturday night (thats if it was the rare time I had actually fallen asleep) to watch your show. It was a Saturday night war each week as she would put me to bed and I would wait til they went to bed and sneak out--sometimes she won and I would eventually fall asleep, sometimes I won and would sneak out undetected and bask in Ghoul Power to the wee hours. One night she put me to bed for the umpteenth time and I decided that, much like Wyle E. Coyote would put a bush over himself and creep up on Road Runnner, I was going to put an blanket over myself and creep down the hall and right in front of the TV undetecte! d. I got about half way down the hall and flipped the blanket up to see how far I had gotten and if my mom had spotted me when "KA-POW," my mom had wung here big plastic 70's thing of mascara at me (it was a huge pink and green plastic mascara dispenser about about 5 inches long and an inch wide) it hit me right square in the eye and dropped me like ton of bricks. Grabbing at my eye screaming my mom ran down the hall upset and apologizing, she took me to the couch and got an ice pack for my eye, as well as a bowl of fritos and some Faygo Root Beer. Needless to say, I found that a good two hour dose of Ghoul Power was what I needed to make my eye better and I got it ( Psychomania was the movie)! That night the battle ended and I was the victor, but the war would continue for many years to come.

staying sick, still trying to turn blue

Kevin D

p.s. I have to mention that the physical appearance between you and my dad is rather striking, you guys even act alike. I really thought that you were my dad on TV when I was little--thats how much you two look alike! Kids always wanted to come over cause I told them my dad was the Ghoul--I wasnt lying, I really believed that! Too Funny!!!

Dear Ghoul,

Last Saturday the Highland Tavern had a band named Parmageddon. I was wondering
if you could contact the spirit of Dorothy and have her pave their way into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame.

Yours Truly,

The Great Kabuki

I was a HUGE Ghoul fan back in Toledo back in the 70's as a teenage boy. I remember there was a legend among us teenage Toledo boys that the Ghoul show started in Cleveland, but he had somehow gone too far there. Legend was he blew up a rat on the air and was somehow banshed from Cleveland. Apparently, Cleveland's loss was Detroits gain, because he moved to Channel 50 in the Motor City, then to the even lower budget Channel 20.

I bought the Ghoul poster, I tried to buy a T-shirt but it never came. I watched on a snowy channel 20 every Saturday night. I dozed off during those commercials for the greatest hits of the 50's records. I made cassettes of the shows, too (I think I still have one). And I went to see the Ghoul at his only 70's Toledo appearence at the Pythian Castle. Then one fateful Saturday night I tuned in for the Ghoul show as usual at 11 PM wasn't there. Just the bad movie! No Froggy, no camera four, no sound effects. Next week, the same thing, no Ghoul He was gone, vanished without a trace, cancelled or censored off the air with no explanation. Did he blow up another rodent? No one knew.

I grieved for the Ghoul. I wondered, how he would make a living? What kind of skills did the Ghoul have. Did he run out of humorous gags? Did he die? Did he get into a car wreck in that grim reaper van of his?

Well life went on for me and I moved to Seattle in 1982. I repressed my memeories of the Ghoul and my tramautic loss. Then late one night, I faced my Ghoul demons. I googled the Ghoul. He had been resurrected! Up from the grave he arose, apparently stronger than ever! I just missed it all. I may have to get satellite TV or move to Ohio.

Bill Y

Hey ,
At the Motor city comic com the best thing was you.
You made my year!!!
Let me know if you have more DVD. I would love to get one.
I hope we can work together soon.
Tack care my brother
with much sick love
Andrew Martin aka Count Wakula aka big fan of the Ghoul

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Motor City Comic Con.
As promised here is the portrait of you I did for my site. I'll be
posting it up later today.
I hope you enjoy it, as I stated I'd like you to feel free to use it
for whatever you'd like.
I can send you a bigger version if you need it.

If you'd like you can check out more of my monster art at:

I have also attached a picture of my son and I for the Fan Pics section.

Take care,


Hey, Hey, Hey Ghoul!

My Karen, Mick, and I really enjoyed seeing you again! Thanks so much for posing with us for this awesome picture ( and giving us that fantastic interview for WDFN! They loved it at the station and I will drop you an email to let you know when it airs.

Also-thanks so much for letting us use a review from you for the back of our next book-Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Big Foot, Big Trouble-we can't wait to read what you think! The second book will be a bit scarier and will have a normal, scary, western, talk show and graphic novel ending for the Five Ways to Finish.

I have had your scrapbook since it was first released, and hopefully one day I will remember to bring it to get you to sign it!

Thanks again and give us a holler if you need any voice impersonations for your show.